Saturday, November 25, 2017


thru jaded witches' sabbaths
thru hills far away
stones & dices roll
fields of gold sway

days drip greed
nights strewn aghast
ghosts haunt magic
monsters hunt pasts

cities lonely yellow
hamlets pale in pain
rivers rest awhile
to flow on with the rain

rain gets thirsty
forests fade far
houses scorch earth
doors ever ajar

winds carry tales
with stars and the moon
the moon gets it silver
crazy roads swoon

some roads are the highways
some run through mists
some through expectations
some through dead-end wrists

when fires burn or don't
where the breezes blow
you know how it is
you know what you know

you ask mirrors to belong
you look for dreams in eyes
your fathers sail along
your mothers are the skies

you look for eyes in trees
your flagposts in the clouds
ancient tunes teach some love
you learn from sunset cows. 

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