Monday, February 6, 2017

ragtag tales

angry days lead to sad nights
have we always been human enough,
to return to those empty places
that throb on like beasts of love from realms beyond reason,
through cold breezes, at dead of night,
at the death of this night, and of all the ones before it and after –
to kill each night that hang down heavy like stoic gazes and abandoned spaceships
and hang on to each dog-teeth yellow day
through warm coffee and stale bread  -
and to keep returning , like repeat-telecast dreams
and nightmares?  

haven’t we always been human enough
to search for paths that lead to places where magic looms
and freedom weaves telltale love –
to keep moving from space to space through time
like mammoths lost in blizzards
like the Iconoclasts standing before the Gods of Judgment
before burning them down with the same cold blue fire
that gets inside that emptiness, those throbbing fiends
of love, of believing in beautiful things, makes the blue
moon set on blue cities and shores, turns you and me mad
puts fear in the eyes of those who fear madness
and, through everything that flows,
all anger, hatred, jetsam, floatsam, double-dealings
backstabbings, shoes, sticks, stones, Molotov cocktails, manifestos
that herald new dawns, hoping on, hopping on –
move on, flow by – ask, dream,  think,  speak,  narrate,  articulate,  blaze, endure
scream like your deepest fear –
scream on, for everything is ceaseless,!
don’t be sad, for everything is ceaseless,
questions, answers, silences, everything –

have we always been magic enough to turn into birds,
into rivers?
haven’t we always been rivers enough,
for all birds to return when the sun sets and tales of magic erupt?

anitya – be karuna
voice – be empathy
revolution – be love

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