Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Beautiful, this is for you

Stay calm, for they seek your anger
Love, for they want you to hate
They seek to get the worst out in you
For they know, that, 
in the game of ugliness
they will win
they have set the terms long before
the Masters of War – they’ve always been the same
For once, look into their eyes,
and say, 
that you are not afraid of them,
that you know that they are afraid of you
for they really are
they have always been
Say that you know your history
for you really do
Every flowing river, every grim hill, every screeching automobile
have taught you
haven’t taught them
They have learnt in schools how to make money,
how to make bombs
And you, who love, who are beautiful,
you have learnt,
from the school of life,
how to live.

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