Tuesday, May 26, 2015

it happened one day

so one day the Supreme Court met the Center
and they signed a Merger Agreement
the new Company thus formed was named the Supreme Center
and the first Commandment they thundered down from
their throne in a mound known as the Raisin Sized Gonads Hills
was as follows:
'all ye shall be the property of the state like ye always were'
the folks laughed dry like sad people do
and said - fuck yeah, do you think we haven't known this thus far?'
confused, the Supreme Center Co. Pvt. Ltd called a shareholders' meeting
and hauled up a shareholder named Mister Education System
the other shareholders accused him of having too many holes
and hung him upside down.'

i meant hanged.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nazrul Nazrul - A Birthday Tribute

it's your birthday today
the liberal 9 to 5-s will hold tame celebrations
throughout Calcutta, throughout Dhaka 
not everywhere, only in places where they stay
and make their sounds and eat their food
and sleep their sleeps
they won't see the blood of the fucked billions in their food
they won't hear the wild wails of the slaughtered billions in their nightmares
but i won't grudge all that today
it's your birthday and purple flowers have bloomed,
familiar birds had chirped all morning - and we all will live
because humans always do
Rebel poet, lover poet, may my heart be true.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Freaking Excitement for Do-Nambari Proximity!

morning window brings your story of love
morning window brings your picture of love
there's no forest around but morning window brings your evening mirror
all birds, all rivers, and all other borrowed phrases for this zero-coloured truth
it's all a mask, maya, but morning window is a song on a river, 
is a picture of an evening

প্রভাতী বাতায়ন

চিত্তহর বাতায়নে দেখি' যা'র মুখ
প্রাভাতে প্রভাতফেরী ভেতো উজবুক
চিত্তহর আয়নায় দেখি' সারি-শুক
বন্সথলীর দোদুললাসে শূন্য সর্বভূক

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Naked, Lonely Hand: A meek translation of my all time favourite Bangla poem

Darkness deepens in the skies again
This darkness – she’s like the misty sister of light

who has loved me forever
and yet whose face I have never seen
like that woman,
darkness gathers dense in love on the springtime falgun night
seems like a lost city
a palace of the city, lost in dust, awakes in heart.

By the shores of the Indian Ocean
Or maybe by those of the Mediterranean Sea
or else by the Tyre Sea
It was there, this city, one day it was
today it isn’t. There was a palace
decked in rare furniture and pomp –
gardens of Persia, Shawls from Kashmir, flawless pearls and coral plucked from the waves of Berin,
my heart – extinct;
my eyes – dead;
my faded dreams and wants –
and you, woman –
all these were in that world that one day
there was orange sunshine,
there were many macaws and pigeons,

there were many leaves in deep shades of mahogany
and there was much orange sunshine
much orange sunshine
and you were there;
it’s been so long, so many centuries have passed by –
that I haven’t seen your face
that I haven’t looked for your face

Springtime darkness brings these tales from across those sea-shores,
Lines of pain drawn of splendid pillars and domes,
smells of lost pears,
gray manuscripts made of skins of countless dears and lions
rainbow-coloured glass-windows,
endless waves of curtains made of peacock-plume colours
from room to room
from orbit to orbit
to rooms far and further away
across orbits far and further away
glimpse of aura –

Ageless silence – stunned –
ageless amazement.
sweat jumps from blood-coloured sunshine on curtains, on gardens
wine made from watermelon in red glasses!
your naked, lonely hand;
your naked, lonely hand.


Thursday, May 14, 2015


Shabarpa, Shabarpa enter the skies
Clouds cloud the north of east 
Shabarpa feels the earths shake
Shabarpa sees his temple burn
Shabarpa sees his gods dead
Shabarpa roars: "Bhoomkaal!"

Yeah, Nishaad! 
Go for the kill, 
for hunters must hunt
And Adonis must die for the red flowers to be

Heruk burns thunders across the oceans 
White Tara blazes my eyes in cool, calm beauty
Her legs are white
Her skies are music of life and love
Green Tara dances crazy in the skies
Her legs are green
Her skies are music of life and love

Across times and histories that, unlike life, 
had never meant much 
Go for the kill, Shabarpa
Your god is stolen
Your temple has burned 
Your earth has shaken
Like all wheels roll and all rivers flow

So go for the hunt like all hunters must.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Buddha Purnima

sheel, rain in my heart
pragya, rain with my heart
samadhi, rain my heart

to a long lost phonecall and love

sweet jaggery sundance, sweet jaggery sundance,
when i left your station the skies were all on fire; 
and now it's just a big fat city,
and i'm just a big fat liar

Sunday, May 3, 2015

চন্দ্রালোকে চারুলতা

চন্দ্রালোকে চারুলতা তন্দ্রালোকে বিহঙ্গ
অহং বরং গরগরাগম হুল-মুরারী ত্রিভঙ্গ
মাদল বাদল আদল ত্যাঁদল গাঁদাল বাদাড় ভাদ
ভরম ভপন ভাপভূমাভূম ভূমকাল ভূমনাদ
হুহুম হুহুম হুতুম ভুতুম নিশুথ ত্রিশাখ শঙ্খিনী
টিটিং মিটিং টিকিট কাটিং সনসন্তাপ সন্তিনী
বোশাখ-শিখি পোষাক পিকি পিকিপিকপিক পিঞ্জর-এ
ধুধুম হুধুম ভাদুম ভুদুম ঋনিশিঞ্জিন মঞ্জরী
পাখনা শাটিং ঝাটিঙ্গা-হট থমথমাথম থমবরে
রণথম্বরে জলস্তম্বরে দদদম্ভরে ঘন অম্বরে
আম্রকুঞ্জ শক্তিপুঞ্জ কুঝিক-কুঝিক খিকম্যাজিক
খিদমতগার আকার-বিকার প্রকার সকার কিরিংক্রিক
কটক খটক খটখটাখট টক-টক্কাশ টক্করে
ঝকঝক্কাস বকরাক্ষস ক-খ-খসখস অক্ষরে
দধাম ধধাম দমদমাদম ধরাধাম-ধূম ধুনক-তুন
নিম্ন-নিড়িং নিমতিতাতাম তিড়িংবিড়িং খুনের নুন
গথাম যথেষ্ট যুথযৌথন জগ-ঝম্পেশ যান-আসুন!