Thursday, May 14, 2015


Shabarpa, Shabarpa enter the skies
Clouds cloud the north of east 
Shabarpa feels the earths shake
Shabarpa sees his temple burn
Shabarpa sees his gods dead
Shabarpa roars: "Bhoomkaal!"

Yeah, Nishaad! 
Go for the kill, 
for hunters must hunt
And Adonis must die for the red flowers to be

Heruk burns thunders across the oceans 
White Tara blazes my eyes in cool, calm beauty
Her legs are white
Her skies are music of life and love
Green Tara dances crazy in the skies
Her legs are green
Her skies are music of life and love

Across times and histories that, unlike life, 
had never meant much 
Go for the kill, Shabarpa
Your god is stolen
Your temple has burned 
Your earth has shaken
Like all wheels roll and all rivers flow

So go for the hunt like all hunters must.

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