Monday, November 30, 2015


i don't believe in rebirth but i want to smoke doob with faiz in afterlife 
i don't believe in patriotism but i think khudiram bose was a kickass person
i don't believe in religions but i want to be fleshly krishna to meerabai 
i don't believe in the sacred but last evening i paused yanking off for a few seconds as the first strains of azaan floated in
i don't believe in the profane but i think had ginsberg not yanked off to blake's poetry, he wouldn't have howled the way he did 
i believe in trains, i believe in trees - including those that feast on insects 
and i believe in humans - excluding those that feast on hatred 
and lastly, i don't believe in god but i think this poem is turning out so godawful that i must stop right here.

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