Saturday, January 3, 2015

be well.

when stars fall at dead of night, be well
when people break to pieces in cold places, be well
when your heart is so loud that you won’t hear any other sound, be well
when wings wage that deadly war against roots, be well
in this room, between my wall and yours, looking eye to eye with the monsters that won’t let us be
in this world, between shampoo ads and kerosene queues, trees never move away from one another
in this kingdom, between words of love and silences of hate, fishes play trumpets and orchids dance to insane dawns
scared of shadows we roam away from inside, sharks smile toothpaste smiles, hearts whimper, souls cringe up
except that there’s no soul. I’ve looked deep enough into too many eyes to know.
and there’s no heart but for the real lost ones – those who sell life and death for a dime or two and gouge out eyes of mannequins for cheap kicks.
hounds bounding for glory, vines of time hang like nooses from their necks
far away from their trail, there’re kids with crayons running amok,
ghosts of tigers grip the moon with their teeth and take it to the sad lake where she has never been to
music turns into love. that’s one place you’ve never been to, and neither have I
let’s let the hounds be
we will shoot them when she gives us the gun
let’s let sharks be
we will kill them when we’re big and strong
let’s let the stars be
we will change guards when they pour out time instead of light
in this dank room, flower of life makes love to the flower of death
till there’s no life, no death and no love
when those flowers wilt, be well
when winter descends on heart of hearts forever, be well
when the tiger-ghosts lose their teeth and they can’t carry the sad moon to the sad lake anymore, be well
when those kids run out of crayons and they weep on and on all along the rugged climes of dawn and dusk till they lose everything, be well.

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