Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Raining Green Daisies Grin etc

right here
I walk till body aches
See them coming. Loads.
48 hours of stoning
and the city seems sadder than ever
I walk inside brain and out.
Footsteps from the womb of poetry. Right here.
Mothers become whores. Wives become whores.
And vice versa. Pangs and pings. Crucifix and lingam.
Right here.

binary eyes, codes, shapes mix up.   
six puffs and I blaze the city.
I think of pagan love rituals. My shadow becomes my tail.
dick becomes artifact of objectivity.
Too much blue and yellow all throughout.
jaded neurons, jaded flesh, tissue, fibers
trying best to hold fort
when demons attacks
inside and out
seeks to suck it all out
till it’s all a dry fagged knot
suited to serve all purposes of existence

it’s a duel to grisly death
and it worsens with every throb.

Right here
It rains
dead lovers come out of their graves
to face history.
Souls of little girls raped
by Greek heroes
on midsummer nights
to become quotable stanzas
of neglected verse.
Poetry becomes word-wound
Scary birds swipe down from the red ass-crack
of sky
Body’s dick in mind’s cunt
Sailors seduced by geometry
Stoic soul watches
Static beats
Mad void
Wolf eyes
Tiger jump

There’s a splendid world locked inside this
Red boats on green rivers
Green boats on red rivers
Boat’s red on river’s green
Boats boats rivers rivers and et cetera.

Take the body bake the mind
Kill the father shag the mother
Eat the devil eat the god
Eat the pussy eat the brain.

Let’s talk of hardcore reality
Reality being titty rolling shitty
Yummy, are you really God?
Mummy mummy they took my rain away.

Meat and wine for the goddess.
Opening of the splendid chamber.
Trams moving at speed of light
Dissection of the heart.
Everything bound
Everything frozen free.
There are crocodiles inside.

Too tired to frame.
Virile men riding black tides.
Horny women in medullar wilderness.
Wall of darkness all around. City fading faster than me.
Picture glazing walls haze love.

Right here
The sharp burst of all that’s finite
Apathetic exposure of this mortal that mortal
Violence and hedonism
One child’s death meets a rainbow
One personal rainbow two three I’m counting rainbows
City of rainbows shades on lakes, river, gutters. Heart’s gutter smells of pain.

Motivation samurai. This is chimera. This is a candle. This is very holy. This is where we stop thinking of doom
This is where this sturdy grinding numbness stuns us
Fall, silent.
Silent, fall.

O relics and ruins of time lost in space
o RELICS AND RUINS OF TIME written in uppercase
I reject all.
I accept pure.
It’s like liberation, but it’s much more than that.

Right here
It all comes out
Like loose shit with pockets of gas inbetween
Right here
The sun is bright.

Arraborra arra starra blurra blurra clarra Houdini o Houdini
In the disco of my burning sting
Heart heart flower flower
Lions roar at what we have done to us
What we have done to the city

Me here, this, irksome
voodoo bloat blablablobloo bloated hoot hoot iron mirage mud bells in brain balls in brain
Rubbed against dust
Shadow stitched by mirrors
Scaring moths off flames
Right here
Cosmic topology
Smashes every stone
Muscled robots from China
Shake every Pharaoh’s tomb
Buses jut out of city’s butts
Buses dissolve in foggy dark.
Dogs knife themselves
Cats stealth to ether
Snails crawl to light
Ants have fun.

Right here
twinkling Sabbath meets my propaganda and falls in love because frangipanis melt like candy coated epitaph of all soft and tender core. I dig to the deep of I dig to the deep of this depth this here that, there
eating flesh eating meat
eating blank things that can’t be eaten
right here there’s a magic sword which i touch and feel invincible. fuck the night till it bleeds. i. me. Boom. Bust. All enemies. I fight all. This empire is mine. This nebula is mine. The stars have nipples.

Under the mountain under the fountain we go
Snakes and ladders we play. Biting down, throwing out. There’s fun in this
grand game.

To see this maddening spirit break open
As little soldiers of heart charge at the world
Drowsy yearning spilling through, spitting at the eyes of judges who evaluate
Earning a good royal laugh
Right here
I see happy dolls dancing sad dolls seeing them become happy and join
I see the evil face of puppet master
Thundercaps of dazzling glory pass through me and nothing matters anymore.

Hangman has found me hounds have hounded me and slowly I cross over to where it’s all cold and grey and right here one mad unity of recollection condenses into one insane million coloured beam.

Right here right right here god sees me naked I see god naked and neither of us care much.

And then I am sad no more
I am lonely no more.