Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Asshole Speaks of Assholes

i trust folks, and i don't lie.

i am not like an Angel, i am an Angel myself,

and when i fight the assholes who call me asshole

i can draw a few punches as well

and so i fought, like i have fought many times

and i always knew that i was on the right side,

and so did the ones who landed their fists on my skull and jaws

i guess each time, all of us were right and wrong.

and after spilling my guts out many a times

i have learned that

each asshole has one who hits harder than him

and one worse off than him.

Okay, Mr. Bukowski, I am shit tired of pretending to be

trampling the sidewalks wearing your pair of shoes

just be my god

and tell me what to do to find my own pair.

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