Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't Read This. Please

Three shots –

One for the monkeys

One goes to the stars

And the third one is responsible for all my scars

Three cheers

One goes to the galaxies

One for sex

And the third one is intended to mock at all my mistakes

Three lives

One for light

One goes to darkness

And the third one is for Thanatos being burnt at my furnace

Three stars

One goes to the night

One for words that rhyme

And the third one must swallow me up in due course of time

And finally,

Three homeless old couples huddled together in the rain, with myself pretending not to be bothered because I am way too smart and I have to contemplate on the philosophies of life and death….

Fuck me. Just another jobless asshole muttering nonsense.

And that’s all

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