Friday, March 20, 2009

Selfish Thoughts on God and Devil

It gnaws and crawls
within, the holy beast,
The little big son of
Lucifer, I presume
Pure as hell, sure as heaven
It wants to be free, for sure
free like a dead man
But I love it, and I try
to keep it within
As the Hemlock breeds
for Socrates to bleed
And the catacombs burst
open…let’s peep in
What do we see? --
Dead poets, dying stars
And living rats…
Persecuted all right
Not the dead or dying
But the living ones…
The biggest curse we’ve
ever known is that the beast
within can never be tamed
And we’ll have to carry the
burden of the Sin…
Right unto the east of
And what else?...Smokes…
wave at us… the scent
of the darkness… the womb…
The magnolia of the eyes
Someone I loved, you loved
in dreams…till the beast
tore her up, within…
Faced with two options
love and the beast…
We’ll invariably chose the
second one…

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