Monday, March 30, 2009

Visions of a Mad Poet

Yesternight I bathed in you
And I can yet feel your moonlight
along the distant thundering horizons

Fading unto the darkness of some unknown
tomorrow… a tomorrow that never dies
A tomorrow that never comes but with
shattered epitomes of mortality
and clipped wings of hope that never was…

The fragrance of your love lingers
in my pillow, and in my forlorn dreams
Floating along the margins of my soul…

But now I’m ready to give you away
For now I live by the burning gasoline
of my sleepless eternity...

So now we must part ways
For you have wings and I have roots
Perhaps we shall meet again
At the crossroads of heaven, hell and destiny…
But then again, that’s merely a possibility


Atindriyo said...

Thanks to Protik da for his awe-inspiring enthusiasm

Samadrita said...

Nicely written :)

NesQuarX said...

Respect! I likes.

Anonymous said...

Aw sad but lovely, you.