Thursday, December 1, 2016

Where is Najeeb?

look for him in the snows
his dreams are all yours
look for him in the rivers
for as long as they flow –
there will be answers
cease not this search
look in the trees,
in mirrors that weep, in hills that speak no word,
in the narrow alleyways of living,
in the sharp edges of life
look into the eyes of darkness,
of this sullen dawn, that aching dome of dusk
from all your fetid confines –
in all valleys of death where
to survive is an act of revolution
to protest is an act of instinct, look on –
in all broken hopes,
clipped wings, choked violins – look everywhere
turn the world over in great anger
kiss hatred with great love
hold stoutly blazing torches
against the keen face of the sun
against the stoic face of the moon
do all you can, for we need to,

it is time to stand tall and roar loud
it is time to ride out, and ride such, that,
no vile storm may ever wear us down

let the peddlers of power beware
let the fiends of hatred beware
let the forces that break beware
your ugliness shall never match up
to his love, to our love -
because his love is our love today, and ours – his

we are writing our histories with this love
and ever shall we write.

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