Monday, August 1, 2016

for the sake of

for the sake of the hills
for the sake of the valleys 
for the sake of all sadness
that weep in lonely alleys

a touch of love, a kiss for life
a book of poems to write
to wrap around and shield us in
when anger comes to smite

for the sake of rivers gushing by
for every bend they take
for every smile and every sigh
for the noose on martyr’s neck

songs to sing, fists to hoist
broken hearts to mend
countless friends sticking on
a handful dreams to defend

for the sake of slogans on parched lips
for the sake of what they mean
for every eye, though squished by pellets,
yet keep on shining keen

voyages of wisdom, voyages of love
those shores of freedom afar 
this road we make, this road we take 
unto the morning star….

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