Friday, February 13, 2015

'Achchhey Din'

Ever heard of Ralf Fox?
Heard of Caudwell and Cornford?
Do you know of Federico Garcia Lorca?
These martyrs had reddened Spain
The green olive forests are red
Mothers lost children, lose children,
Yet I say, good days approach
Come, let’s go touch their blood
And write, with that blood,
a song for the good days.

(the original Bangla was by Somen Chanda (1920-41), fighter, poet, martyr, the one of the first and only flagbearers of the Progressive Writers' Association's work on the cultural front in Bengal, the earliest Bangla voice against Fascism, hacked to pieces by forces of sectarian and partisan violence)

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Soumi said...

Achchey din indeed. Such an irony!