Monday, June 11, 2012

Glory Night

at times it gets so fucking tiring
that it sort of gets to you
and then you stay up all night
painting chimneys with boobs
and painting people
 who are scared of life,
loneliness, misery and starvation
people thinking of Beckett
and of their mothers,
people hating the rain and loving the share-market
people hating the share-market and loving the rain
people being eaten up by paper tigers
people drowning in gutters and obligations
people howling at the moon:
you paint them all
only to find that
they all  
look the same:
like failed prophets
and broken machines;
but the chimneys with boobs
look different
each time you paint them.
and that gets to you for good.

child, don't be afraid
i'm just a timid joker counting stars
you see these flowers?
these are for the dead gods
give these to them if you ever
meet them

damn! we were supposed to set the nights on fire,
beat the shit out of the wolves that scare us,
and hoot for the fairies as they rave across the galaxies
what the fuck has happened to us?

The nights are aiming at our guts
the wolves are having a good laugh
even the fairies are bored.

this muck, i tell you:
either it gets to you
or else you get to it.

there's nothing you can do about this
flush the roaches down
drown the sharks in whiskey
and go to sleep.
and sleep till you wake up, deadbeat,
temples throbbing, skies awash
bridges -

there's no way out.

and then there are those times
when you go out to the balcony
smoke at the night
and walk right back
into your room
which is more naked than
you are now,
only that
you refuse to see it that way.
trust me when i say this
the night gives a shit
and you don't
though you pretend indifference.
like all pretentious roses and pretentious pricks

your indifference won’t change the world
but that of the world is bound to change you
soon enough.



Zeebs said...

Can you fix my broken machine?

Soumi said...

"I kept throwing that radio through the window
each time I got drunk
and it would sit there on the roof
still playing-
a magic radio
a radio with guts..."