Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Note. Just a Note

It's three in the morning.

I'm burning.

Mother gave me my body

Father gave me my name

You gave me the northern star.

I'm here. Everything breaks.

I'm here. Waves bleed.

Matariki, in seven sisterly pieces

Cold poses. postures for the diamond.

That blind god. Everything turns


Burns. Raves.

It's three in the morning

I'm crying the skies down.

I'm crying the Milky Way down

Soldiers in files

Paper tigers to roar.

Dear Seraph,

Hear me. Tear me up.

Where's my crown?

Will no one give it back to me?

"A fortnight dead"

Again. Life.

Heaven's child.

She. And her flowers.

And her light.

And her light....

On The Coldest Night

On the coldest night

Your hands are blue

Your God is there

He is crying too

On the coldest night

The creatures roam

The Northern Light

Has got no home

On the coldest night

You lose your race

Dreams arise

By the fireplace

On the coldest night

You hide your sighs

Your saddest songs –

They kiss the skies

On the coldest night

Angels dance

In your wounds

To steal your trance

On the coldest night

That bitter breeze

Reminds you

Your disease

On the coldest night

You etch your name

In your faith,

Your Bethlehem

On the coldest night

The moon is bleak

You stare at her

With words to speak

On the coldest night

Your altar bleeds

With your thirst

And all your needs

On the coldest night

Your pain is true

Your God is there

He’s crying too…


empty trains returning.

just that.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The last time

i had smiled

without any particular reason to be happy

was when i saw

a stray lotus floating

in the pond which was there

right beside my house;

The sun was going down.

This was seven years back.