Friday, February 18, 2011

A Note. Just a Note

It's three in the morning.

I'm burning.

Mother gave me my body

Father gave me my name

You gave me the northern star.

I'm here. Everything breaks.

I'm here. Waves bleed.

Matariki, in seven sisterly pieces

Cold poses. postures for the diamond.

That blind god. Everything turns


Burns. Raves.

It's three in the morning

I'm crying the skies down.

I'm crying the Milky Way down

Soldiers in files

Paper tigers to roar.

Dear Seraph,

Hear me. Tear me up.

Where's my crown?

Will no one give it back to me?

"A fortnight dead"

Again. Life.

Heaven's child.

She. And her flowers.

And her light.

And her light....

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