Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Worship, Lost

The train came whistling down

Mountains stared at me

Wrapped inside this empty coach

Forever, I’m forever free

A million years stood conquered

And they stand beneath my feet

You offer to me your broken dolls

And you offer to me my defeat

Well I was a sailor then

But that was long long ago

It’s not your love that concerns me

What matters is your shadow

When I slept beneath the rock

Were the sunsets cold?

That’s my moon you’re staring at

And now I’ve grown too old

If you want all that’s worth

that ancient, insane glow

Learn to fill up all my gaps,

Dearest child of snow

No one took me to this place

Where I stand now, today

I long for you, with all I have,

But it’s my tune that I play

With dreams I walk, with dreams I speak

With dreams I fight my fear

But when I kneel before your altar, well,

It’s just me kneeling there

All alone those stations stood

Careworn cities, they wane in frost

Flowers bloom, I feel you sighing

For whispers and for voices, lost

I won’t teach you the river’s words

And I can’t fight your wars for you

Though I can ride by your side

But only if you want me to

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