Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I’ll build you a concert hall

I’ll build to you a dream

I’ll kiss where your shadows fall

And flows away downstream

I’ll speak of love, I’ll speak of lust

And of everything that aches,

I’ll speak of the present, of the past,

And of the tree of haunted sex

Hopeless love – it’s meant to stay

Though promises may be false

I ramble along throughout the day

In my ragged overalls

I hear your name in the winds that blow

And in the churchbells that chime

I’ll stay for a while, and then I’ll go

To time’s timeless regime

I yearn for you, I burn for you

Down the road, footloose

I’m happy, for my pain is new

And beggars never choose


Ramanuj said...

truly great

Nightwing said...

this is a seriously superb romantic poem.....extremely beautiful...this is how poetry should be...flowing....well done.....

Soumi said...

Amar o asha chhilo,shudhu amar bikrito mawstishkey kheltey kheltey tara hawtasha hawey gechilo.