Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wasted Waves

“I am the daughter of the sea” –
she said
Her hair was wet
Her lips were thirsty
Her face shone with froth and sand
The sand was black

She was the daughter of the sea
The sea was in her eyes
The salt was in her breath
The sun was about to set
She was the sunset

The waves danced about, wearing
little crowns of foam
Civilizations rose and fell with the tides
Seagulls dotted the red horizon
The sea was red, glinting
with pieces of the broken sunset
The shore was blue, blue and blue
She was the daughter of the sea
And her voice was a rainy night

Fairytales and hummingbirds buried
themselves in the sand, with oysters
and crabs The eyes of the whirlpool
saw phosphorus dreams and salt
Kings and crowns were busy chasing
mirages Her hair was wet

Her body was caged in the twilight
of foam and mist
She had no clothes on
Seagulls do not build their nests
They follow the masts…

She was the daughter of the sea
She became the water
She became the salt
She became the wave
She washed the shore
The sand was black

She stretched out her hands
And she touched my fingers
And my fingers…my fingers…
felt the waves

I touched the sand
And the blue cyanide from
the black sands clung to my fingers
My fingers felt the cyanide
I touched her lips --
soft, like an oyster's belly
with the pearls within

We kissed, we kissed
The kiss of eternity
The eternity that wears
the black hood, the
shapeless, formless mask of death
and rides on the back of a turtle
We kissed
Her eyes were silent
in the twilight

The waves danced like a carnival
wearing a garland of skulls
The carnival of blood and sand
was soundless in mirth
We kissed

And then I flew back to my nest
Evening was creeping through
Darkness fell


Brainfreeze Blues said...

Can I just say I love love love this?

Blog stalking never got any better!

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The modern penfighter said...

wishful fantasy at its best! :)