Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Transcendental Bubbles

Far away
The misty grey night
Sinks down the horizon,
Dreams, driven seven feet deep
No time here,
But this very moment
Leaves its swirling trace
In the fogrings
Circling the yellow halucinations
Around the empty streetlights
Life ...
Dangling up and down
Around the speedometer
And vanishing in the canvas
- Of silence
With the falling stars
Lizards crawling through
Along the milestones
Empty cactus, thorny caterpillars
Hearts hanging upside down
Bleeding frozen, bloods dripping - frozen
And empty broken signboards
Invitations of sex
Conscientous, consciences, consciousness, broken teeth
- Are the stakes
And pyres,
Burning one old silent witch
And muted roses bleeding
For more roses to bleed
Here, amongst the falling snowflakes
The vanishing twilights
The numbness of the souls
Dancing with the smokerings
With life, love, and dust particles...
And beneath this gurgling evanescence
Emptyness beckons,
To lead you into the repititive
And the mechanics
And the solemnizing harmony...
To the end of this universe
And thunder grows in all dead
Shoots, -
Crimson haze
Tilted gaze
Shaded hues
Tinted frogs...
And green spectacles...all
With clapping spectators
All these dampen up the squib
So let us keep quiet now,
For the time being
As all the while, this nowness
Like the prevailing
Veil -
Let this very moment sink in
Like the frozen eyes of tomorrows tidings
And the janitress, the mistress, the priestess, the princess,
Bows down too,
The damsel keeps on dancing
As I wait for the morning star
And my conscience waits for the
next bus
To the middle of nowhere...

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