Friday, October 17, 2008

Let’s Talk ’bout Films

Favourite film? Well, I don’t have any. But that’s not the point. The fact remains that good films give me a kick, much more than anything else in the world. This reminds me of the dialogue delivered by Malcolm Macdowell in A Clockwork Orange – “…the colours of the real world seem really real only when they are seen on the screen” . Before I start discussing about films, let me clarify something, I am not reviewing or critiquing any film, I don’t have the audacity to do that. I am just telling you folks what I liked, that’s all.
Allow me to start with the master and his masterpiece… I am referring to Federico Fellini’s film “Otto e Mezzo”, which means “Eight and a Half”.
The story is a series of dreams seen by a disturbed film director in search of pure love. The ease with which the film travels between the surreal and the real world is awesome. But what happens at the end of his journey? Did he find love? Or did he manage to dig up his lusty deep nightmares? I won’t tell you that, but let me tell you one thing – this film is one eternal celebration of life, love, hope and pure joy.

In case you aren’t yawning, here comes some gyan about Scorcese’s Taxi Driver.
It’s about that eternal angry young man – Travis Bickle – portrayed by the one and only Robert De Niro. He is a taxi driver, sick of the dirty world he sees all around himself. Ultimately, all the frustration, despair and hopelessness erupts into a furious rage. He makes an unsuccessful attempt on the Presidential candidate’s life. Finally he gives vent to his entire wrath, saves a twelve-year-old girl (played by Jodie Foster) from a brothel, and single handedly takes on a mafia group. Well, there’s a Travis in all of us, isn’t it so?
And finally, let’s come to Stanley Kubrik’s “A Clockwork Orange”, starring Malcolm Macdowell (of “Caligula” notoriety). The protagonist, who hails from a middle class family and loves Beethoven’s music, is a teenage leader of a gang of delinquents, which beats the shit off the other local gangs and rapes the young ladies of the vicinity. After a string of deceits and deceptions, he gets caught and ends up becoming a pawn in the game of power politics. He is brainwashed and all, but I won’t tell you everything. Got to watch the film buddies. But let me warn you, the film, especially those parts which deal with how music, sex and violence influences the psychology of young adults like us is very disturbing. So stay away if you are chicken-hearted, buddies.
I am posting this stuff alright, but I am eagerly waiting for your response, if you blokes find this shit to be interesting, I might post further stuff about films. So long, dudes and dudettes…


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